The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba

The modern obsession with open floor plans should not cause us to forget the power of the hypostyle hall. Since ancient times, the rhythms and patterns intrinsic to these column-filled spaces have been equated with the divine. Adding to the effect, columns in the Mosque-Cathredral of Cordoba’s prayer hall are topped with tiers of arches that have alternating red and white voussoirs. A domed prayer niche, decorated with gold and glass, is the culmination of the prayer hall.


Other elements common to mosque architecture include a courtyard with fountain, covered walkway and minaret (which is now enclosed in a bell tower). The bell tower is one of many Christian architectural elements; in the 1200s, conquering Christian forces converted the mosque into a cathedral. In the 1500’s an architecturally contrasting Renaissance cathedral nave was constructed in the center of the expansive structure.


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